CGM LIFE provides a system of administrative and medical catalogs that are commonly used in healthcare applications. Catalogs include for example lists of known diagnoses, registered drugs in a country, a list of healthcare specializations, and many more.

For your application, catalogs provide valuable assets when displaying medical data to the user or when assisting the user during entry of medical data. For example, you may use the drug catalog to assist the user when entering his daily medication by providing a fast type-ahead search field that automatically completes the user’s entry with the full name and additional information from the drug catalog. When displaying drugs to the user, you may use the catalog system to display additional information about that drug, including information about recommended dosage, common side effects or contraindications such as pregnancy or certain allergies.

All catalogs in CGM LIFE are versioned. Therefore old versions of a catalog are retained and still available when updated versions of a catalog become available. CGM LIFE supports explicitly versioned catalogs and continuously versioned catalogs.

Explicit versioning means that from time to time (usually on a regular schedule) the whole catalog is replaced by a newer version. Explicitly versioned catalogs include for example the official ICD-10 catalog, which is usually updated once a year.

Continuous versioning means, that the catalog as a whole does not have an explicit version number. Instead, some entries are invalidated and some new entries are added on a regular basis, leaving most of the catalog unchanged. For example, the list of registered drugs in Germany is a continuously versioned catalog, consisting of hundreds of thousands of entries where some new entries are added and some other entries are invalidated every two weeks.

Each entry in the CGM LIFE catalog system is uniquely defined by a code and a reference to the catalog it belongs to. For example, an entry from the ICD diagnosis catalog is defined by

In addition, many catalogs are multi-lingual, meaning that CGM LIFE provides translations for the human-readable information in the catalog. For example, CGM LIFE provides a list of all countries in the world. Querying the catalog system for country code “DE” with the locale set to English will return

while executing the same query with the locale set to German will return

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