Directories provide a searchable database of other healthcare entities that the user may communicate with. At present CGM LIFE supports three types of directories:

Directories contain the address and contact data of the respective entities. CGM LIFE provides a fast full-text search on this data, making it easy to find a practice of pharmacy by part of its name. In addition, CGM LIFE offers search based on geolocation. This enables your application to offer lookups based on the current user’s location, quickly displaying the next doctor or pharmacy in the surrounding area.

Even more, directories contain references to additional services that are offered, either through CGM LIFE or separately. For example, the practice and pharmacy directories will contain direct links to the CGM LIFE eSERVICES. You can even filter on this information, for example, if you only want to search for doctors that offer immediate online appointment scheduling.

Directories also contain information about opening times and services that are offered on location, e.g. rental of baby balances or measuring of blood pressure in a pharmacy.

All directories are maintained and updated on a regular basis.

For further information, you can dive into our Directory details.