In addition to the storage of personal medical data (PHR), CGM LIFE supports communication workflows that enable an explicit exchange of information between different CGM LIFE participants. One major focus of this topic is the exchange of data between a patient and his treating doctors. These services are collectively referred to as CGM LIFE eSERVICES.


CGM LIFE eSERVICES are a set of online services that a doctor can offer to his patients in order to foster online communication with patients, providing 24/7 support with fast response times.

CGM LIFE eSERVICES include for example online appointment scheduling, the order of prescriptions, prescription renewal, online ordering of drugs at a pharmacy, questions-and-answers dialog.

Integration with these services is open to your application. So if you are developing an application that analyses the user’s health and/or fitness status, and your application determines that a visit at a doctor should be recommended, you can tap right into the appointment eSERVICE to offer immediate online scheduling of the appointment to your user. Or if you are developing an application to manage your user’s medication, you could integrate with the drug order service to offer a direct order of refills at the user’s preferred pharmacy.

Some CGM LIFE eSERVICES data is stored separately from MDOs in order to provide workflow support and specialized rights management. Still, all data associated with the CGM LIFE eSERVICES is protected by the same security standards as the medical data in the user’s PHR. Sensitive medical data is encrypted with individual keys that are only available to the user and his treating doctor. Again, you don’t have to manually handle the security yourselves. Instead, this is conveniently and fully transparently handled by the CGM LIFE Client SDK.