In CGM LIFE the data type Steps describes the physical activity and movement of people. Its pupose is to find a qualifying statement to the fitness of a person.


Steps is a specific object to store steps e.g. measured by pedometer.


– Documentation of steps
– Actual or past measurements
– Aerob or normal steps
– In a specific time period
– In ambulant settings

Not use

– Not for estimation
– Not for balance of steps

Data Model

Steps is a measurement object without any specific attributes. See Measurement for more information.


Time unit for duration should be minute.

If timespan given, end date must be larger then start date.

Parameter Codes

Following LOINC codes can be used to specify the parameter code:

loinc_num component system property time_aspct scale_typ method_typ
41950-7 Number of steps ^Patient NRat 24H Qn Measured
41951-5 Number of steps ^Patient NRat 24H^mean Qn Measured
41952-3 Number of steps ^Patient NRat 1W Qn Measured
55423-8 Number of steps ^Patient NRat XXX Qn Pedometer

For measurements by pedometer use LOINC 55423-8.

For aerob steps no LOINC code is available, use the CGM LOINC add-on:

Code Code Text
XCG80081-3 Number of  aerob Steps from patient measured by pedometer


See Measurement Enums for more information.


See Measurement Catalogs for more information.

Update Rhythm

Steps can be recored as often as it is performed. Use specific LOINC codes to specify.


See Measurement Schema for further information.

Compatible Standards

No EHR or Tenscan standards.