The Bone Mass is a biometric characteristic of humans and records the the due of bone mass in relation to the weight of a person.


Bone Mass is a specific object to store the bone mass as percentage of body mass respectively bodyweight.


– Documentation of bone mass
– For measurements via analytic balance in ambulant settings
– Calculate composition of body weight
– Actual or past measurements
– Exact measurement or Calculation

Not use

– Do not use for estimation
– Do not use for determination of bone mass due to other methods

Data Model

The Bone Mass is a measurement object without any specific attributes. See Measurement for more information.


If past measurements should be recorded, the start date must contain the date of measurement.

Parameter Codes

For bone mass no LOINC code is available, use the CGM LOINC add-on:

Code Code Text
XCG80082-1 bone mass by balance


See Measurement Enums for more information.


See Measurement Catalogs for more information.

Update Rhythm

Until a person is full-grown (e.g. babies, kids) measurements can be documented as often as the bone mass changes. For adult persons the bone mass should be fixed and only in special situation s (e.g. diseases) new data should be recorded.


See Measurement Schema for further information.

Compatible Standards

No EHR or Tenscan standards.