The amount of energy taken by food during one defined meal (point in time) or a period in time.


The Food data object specifies the amount of energy taken during a meal. EnergyIntake can be added to a persons daily calorie intake balance.


– Documentation of the amount of energy intake
– Actual or past measurements
– Related to a point in time
– in ambulant settings
– intake by eating a meal

Not use

– Not for balancing probe nutrition

Data Model

Walk Distance is a measurement object without any specific attributes. See Measurement for more information.


Time unit for duration should be minute.

If timespan given, end date must be larger then start date.

Parameter Codes

Following LOINC codes can be used to specify the parameter code:

loinc_num component system property time_aspct scale_typ method_typ
9052-2 Calorie ^Patient EngRat Pt Qn 9052-2
9053-0 Calorie ^Patient EngRat 1H Qn 9053-0
9054-8 Calorie ^Patient EngRat 8H Qn 9054-8
9055-5 Calorie ^Patient EngRat 10H Qn 9055-5
9056-3 Calorie ^Patient EngRat 12H Qn 9056-3
9057-1 Calorie ^Patient EngRat 24H Qn 9057-1

For point of time documentation use LOINC code 9052-2


See Measurement Enums 1.4.3 for more information.


See Measurement Catalogs 1.4.4 for more information.

Update Rhythm

Food or Energy Intake is related to lifestyle and personal behavior. Use specific LOINC codes to specify.


See Measurement Schema 1.6 for further information.

Compatible Standards

No EHR or Tenscan standards.