Besides the basic burn of energy it is possible to increase the energy burned by different excercises.


In CGM LIFE the data type Energy burned specifies the amount of energy lost due to a listed exercise.


– Documentation of energy burned by excercise
– Actual or past measurements
– Exact measurement or Calculation

Not use

– Do not use to display regular energy consumption

Data Model

Burned energy is object based on the general measurement object with two extending attributes.

Name Type M Description Example
measurement Measurement X See Measurement for more information.
kindOfExercize String list of anatomic locations for pulsemeasurement, as specified in < kindOfExercise> “right A.carotis”
method String list of commonly used measurement methods, as used in < method> “by device”


If past measurements should be recorded, the start date must contain the date of measurement.

If timespan given, end date must be larger then start date.

Parameter Codes

For energyBurned no LOINC code is available, use the CGM LOINC add-on:

Code Code Text
XCG80090-4 energyBurned by pedometer


KindOfExcercise and Method are based on enumerations. Therefore it is recommended to use an entry of the list if possible.


The KindOfExcercise groups the different excercises into eleven types.

Code/ID Name
Walking walking
Jogging jogging
Running running
Dancing dancing
Aerobic aerobic
WeightLifting weight lifting
Cycle cycle
Swimming swimming
PlayingBallsports playing ballsports (team)
Skiing skiing
Others other sports


The Method describes how the burned energy is measured.

Code/ID Name
Device given by device
Literatur given by literatur
CalorieCalculator CalorieCalculator


See Measurement Catalogs for more information.

Update Rhythm

The Burned Energy can be recored as often as an exercise is performed.


“id”: “/core/fitness/EnergyBurned”,
“$schema”: “”,
“type”: “object”,
“properties”: {
“parameterCode”: {
“$ref”: “/core/CodedValue”
“startDate”: {
“$ref”: “/core/DateTime”
“endDate”: {
“$ref”: “/core/DateTime”
“value”: {
“$ref”: “/core/UnitValue”
“informationSource”: {
“$ref”: “/core/CodedValue”
“calculationFormula”: {
“type”: “string”
“comment”: {
“type”: “string”
“device”: {
“$ref”: “/core/Device”
“kindOfExercise”: {
“type”: “string”
“method”: {
“type”: “string”
“required”: [“parameterCode”, “value”],
“additionalProperties”: false

Compatible Standards

No EHR or Tenscan standards.