The body height is a biometric characteristic of humans and records the length from the vertex to the sole of foot.


Body Height is an object for the result of a measurement or estimation of height/length of a whole person’s body. The point in time of measurement can be the current date or a past date. It’s also possible to record an approximation of height if necessary (e.g. uncooperative person). The object can contain the height (standing measurement) or length (sitting, lying). The object can be filled by the person itself or by doctor and other medical care persons.


– Documentation of body height
– Calculation of BMI in combination with body weight, important for weight management
– Trend evaluation, judgment of children growth, sign for fractures (Osteoporosis) and malformation
– Calculation of Bodysurface in combination with body weight, important e.g. medication
– Actual or past measurements
– Measurement of persons standing, sitting or lying
– Exact measurement or approximation

Not use

– Do not use for body parts.
– Do not use for calculated height based on body part measurements.

Data Model

The Body Height is a measurement object without any specific attributes. See Measurement for more information.


If past measurements should be recorded, the start date must contain the date of measurement.

Parameter Codes

Following LOINC codes can be used to specify the parameter code:

loinc_num component system property time_aspct scale_typ method_typ
3137-7 Body height ^Patient Len Pt Qn Measured
3138-5 Body height ^Patient Len Pt Qn Stated
56066-4 Body height^at age 25 ^Patient Len Pt Qn Stated
8301-4 Body height ^Patient Len Pt Qn Estimated
8302-2 Body height ^Patient Len Pt Qn
8303-0 Body height ^Patient Prctl Pt Qn
8304-8 Body height special circumstances^* ^Patient Type Pt Nom
8305-5 Body height^post partum ^Patient Len Pt Qn
8306-3 Body height^lying ^Patient Len Pt Qn
8307-1 Body height^pre surgery ^Patient Len Pt Qn
8309-9 Body height^standing ^Patient Len Pt Qn

If the method of measurement is not known exactly or not specified use LOINC 8302-2.

For exact measurements use LOINC 3137-7.

For approximation use LOINC 8301-4.

For lying measurements use LOINC 8306-3.

For standing measurements use LOINC 8308-9.


See Measurement Enums for more information.


See Measurement Catalogs for more information.

Update Rhythm

Until a person is full-grown (e.g. babies, kids) measurements can be documented as often as the height changes. For adult persons the height should be fixed and only in special situation s (e.g. surgeries) new data should be recorded.


See Measurement Schema for further information.

Compatible Standards

The height object is compatible to EHR openEHR-EHR-OBSERVATION.height.v1 and TenScan Biometric data.