The body weight is a biometric characteristic of humans and records the weight of a person.


Body Weight is an object for the result of a measurement or the estimation of the weight of a whole person’s body. The point in time of measurement can be the actual date or a past date. It’s also possible to record an approximation of weight in case exact measurements are not available (e.g. uncooperative person). The object can be filled by the person himself/herself or by a doctor and other medical care persons.


– Documentation of body weight
– Calculation of BMI in combination with body height, important for weight management
– Trend evaluation, judgment of child development, state of weight management
– Calculation of Bodysurface in combination with body height, important e.g. medication
– Current or past measurements
– Exact measurement or approximation

Not use

– Do not use for body parts.
– Do not use for calculated height based on body part measurements.

Data Model

The Body Weight is a measurement object without any specific attributes. See Measurement for more information.

Parameter Codes

For weight a lot of LOINC codes are available in the patient system. All other systems are not recorded in the weight object (e.g. fetus). Following LOINC codes are recommended to use to specify the parameter code:If the method of measurement is not known exactly or not specified use LOINC 29463-7.For exact measurements use LOINC 3141-9.For approximation use LOINC 8335-2.


See Measurement Enums for more information.


See Measurement Catalogs for more information.

Update Rhythm

The weight object can be updated up to several times a day.

Recommended rules:

– Maximum once a week if weight is constant.
– Maximum once a day if weight varies, e.g. weight control for diet.
– Up to hourly in case of illness with fast loss or increase of weight, e.g. babies with diarrhea.


See Measurement Schema for further information.

Compatible Standards

The height object is compatible to EHR openEHR-EHR-OBSERVATION. body_weight.v1 and TenScan Biometric data.