A pregnancy is a core phase in the life of a woman. The accompaniment of women and the proper medical care is an important aspect.


The pregnancy object is needed for different situations:

– Prevention
– Medical interventions
– Acute situations


– Presence of pregnancy and frame data
– End of pregnancy
– exactly onepregnancyperobject

Not use

– Diary entries
– Documentation of more pregnancies per object

Data Model

Name Type M R Description Example
DateOfConception Date The estimated date of conception. „24.07.2013“
FirstDayLastMensesFirstDayLastMenstrualPeriod(LMP) Date X 2 First day of last menstrual bleeding. „13.07.2013“
CalculatedDateOfBirthExpactedDateOfDelivery(EDD) Date X 2 Calculated Date of Birth based on available information. „14.05.2014“
BasicForCalculation CodedEntry For the calculation of date of birth different formula are available. To verify the accuracy of the calculation the basic method is important. „Naegele’s rule”
NumberOfFetuses Integer The number of fetuses in this pregnancy. „2“
PlannedModelOfCare CodedEntry The model of care planned for birth. „HospitalBirth“
EndOfPregnancy DateTime Date of end of pregnancy. Leave unset if pregnancy is current. „11.05.2014“
TypeOfEndOfPregnancy CodedEntry Indicate if birth or other type of end of pregnancy. „BIRTH“
Comment String See general data model description. “This is a comment”


  1. The pregnancy object is only used in case of a pregnancy, not to document a non existing pregnancy.
  2. For the record it is either necessary to save the FirstDayLastMenstrualPeriod or the ExpactedDateOfDelivery.

Parameter Codes

Not needed for pregnancy object.


The BasicForCalculation, the PlannedModelOfCare and the TypeOfEndOfPregnancy are based on coded entries. Therefore it is possible to deposit different catalogs.

In the case of not using a standard catalog the following lists gives a list of possible entries with name and code/ID.


Code/ID Name/Description
Naegele’s rule First day of last menses + 1 year – 3 months + 7 days
Extended Naegele’s rule First day of last menses + 1 year – 3 months + 7 days +/- cycle duration aberrance
Wheel calculator First day of last menses + 280 day
Other Other
Unknown Unknown


Code/ID Name/Description
HospitalBirth Planned Birth in a hospital
HomeBirth Planned Birth at home
Birthplace Planned Birth at an Birthplace
Other Other
Unknown Unknown


Code/ID Name/Description
ABORT natural abort
ABORTION induced abortion
BIRTH natural birth
OTHER other, please specify
SECTIO sectio caesarea
UNKNOWN unknown type of end of pregnancy


Not needed for pregnancy object.

Update Rhythm

The pregnancy Object should be updated after the End of Pregnancy by adding EndOfPregnancy and TypeOfEndOfPregnancy.